Alec Baldwin Warns of 'Lying Thieves In the White House' If Obama Loses

Actor Alec Baldwin has always been an Obama supporter, but he took his frustration with Republicans to another level today, warning his Twitter followers that  "lying thieves" would take back the White House if President Obama loses his re-election bid.

"You wanna go back? To Bush? Cheney? Paulson? Rumsfeld? Unfunded wars? Death of U.S. soldiers and innocent civilians for oil?" Baldwin tweeted Tuesday afternoon. "You wanna go back to lying thieves in the White House who make war under false pretenses in order to make $ for their friends?"

Baldwin was half a world away from the general election battle that is simmering between  Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, but his seven-tweet rant suggested that even the Cannes Film Festival  in France cannot keep the "30 Rock" star's mind off American politics.

"The election is around the corner. You want another corporate puppet who will squander more U.S. natural resources, revenue and perhaps lives?" Baldwin tweeted. "Just to protect that breed of wealth that wants America to finally accept a European model of plutocracy?"

"Obama … 2012," Baldwin concluded.

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Responding to a suggestion from a fellow tweeter that he run for office himself, Baldwin said he "would run if I could win."

"Too many reactionary haters in the RW for that to be possible," he tweeted, purportedly referring to the "right wing."

Baldwin, a prolific tweeter, has had his fare share of harsh words for Obama's Republican challengers. In December, Baldwin dubbed then-GOP contender Newt Gingrich "a cranky history professor" and said "Romney is better suited for country club president."

Obama, on the other hand, "sees what govt's  priorities should be," Baldwin tweeted.

In an interview on MSNBC earlier this month, Baldwin suggested that Obama has the election "in the bag" and that Republicans are "scared."

"These guys are getting scared," Baldwin said. They know it is not looking good for them, and I think they are sensing now that they are really going to focus on the congressional races and Obama - it is starting to look like he has it in the bag."