Buddy Roemer, Who Few Knew Was Running for President, Is No Longer Running for President

Buddy Roemer is out.


A former congressman and governor of Louisiana, Roemer staged the long shot of long-shot bids for the White House as an independent candidate. His main issues were sticking it to Wall Street, tax reform  and spending all day on Twitter.

Seriously, on May 11, Roemer tweeted 67 times.

A sampling  from the archives:

"I know all the candidates, they're decent people. But they don't want to talk about the money because they're addicted to it.  #truth"

" #Unicorns are perfectly legal."

"Congratulations, JP Morgan, on your $2 Billion blunder. Nice to see Wall Street still taking irresponsible risks."

Faced with the impossibility of getting the nomination from either of the country's two main parties, Roemer sought support from the overhyped third-party group Americans Elect, which folded up shop recently after promising that it would change the way candidates get elected.

Roemer announced on his website today that he's done. And refreshingly, he didn't bury the lead.

"Today, I am no longer a candidate for President of the United States," he said at the beginning of a statement.

Now the question for Roemer is: Whom will he endorse?!

We asked the campaign if Roemer will endorse anyone. Carlos Sierra, his spokesman, replied, "At this point no other candidate has endorsed Gov. Roemer's reform principles, so no."