Gingrich's Official Endorsement of Romney Won't Be Tomorrow

WASHINGTON, D.C.- Newt Gingrich will not officially endorse Mitt Romney Wednesday - that will take place in the coming weeks, Gingrich campaign spokesman R.C. Hammond told ABC News.

"The main thing is, he's not going to do what Santorum did and wait a while," a source close to the Gingrich campaign told ABC News.

Both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich will be in Virginia, but their paths will not cross Wednesday. Romney has an event in Chantilly, Va. and Gingrich will make his official suspension announcement in Arlington.

Even though Gingrich will not endorse Romney tomorrow, he does plan to mention Romney in his speech, Hammond said. Gingrich will not use prepared remarks, which is typical for the former Speaker of the House, but he does plan to talk about how he will help Romney defeat President Obama and keep him from having a second term.

The Gingrich campaign said it will do whatever the Romney the campaign wants when it comes to involvement on the trail for Romney. Members of both campaigns met Monday.

"He plans to be on the campaign trail this summer," Hammond said.

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