Obama Campaign Launches Second Round of Spanish Ads

Continuing its effort to court Latino voters, President Obama's re-election campaign today launched its second round of Spanish-language TV and radio ads of 2012.

The ads, which will air in Colorado, Nevada and Florida, tout the president's record on healthcare as it relates to the Hispanic community, a key Democratic voting bloc.

"A record that includes making affordable healthcare available to up to 9 million previously uninsured Hispanics by 2014, enabling 736,000 young Hispanics to stay on their parents' health insurance plans, strengthening Medicare so that 1.2 million Hispanic beneficiaries can receive free preventive screenings and affordable prescription drugs, and making sure that millions of Hispanics will no longer be denied insurance or charged more for insurance because of their gender or preexisting condition," the campaign says.

The three 30-second clips feature Latino supporters of the president's campaign speaking with community members about Obama's healthcare accomplishments.

The campaign's first round of Spanish-language ads, released last month, focused on the president's record on economic and education policy.