Romney Campaign Typo - 'Amercia' - Draws Internet Ribbing

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Far be it for news organizations to cast stones at typos, but a glaring error from the Romney campaign has led to some online ribbing.*

A new photo-sharing iPhone app unveiled by the campaign misspells the most important word for any American presidential campaign: America

The homepage on the app invites users to envision "A Better Amercia." The campaign has already commissioned a correction.

Download the app at iTunes.

But  "Amercia" has taken off on the Internet, where mistakes seem to live forever.

User reviews on Apple's site were not kind. "It's a DIY political satire kit! Download version 1.0 fast before they correct the misspellings!," according to  the top listed review by Paul Schleuse.

And it should be no surprise that there is a TUMBLR site - " Amercia is With Mitt!" -  that makes fun of the Romney campaign iPhone app.

*Apologies in advance for any misspellings encountered at ABC News.