Romney Tries to Refocus, What's Your Verdict?, Obama's 27 Minutes, Will Ferrell Punches a Baby (PM Note)

Bully vs. Stoner - It turns out politics isn't really like a high school popularity contest. Otherwise we'd have the election of the stoner vs. the bully, judging by the worst stories of our candidates' youths -

Romney Asked if He Was a Bully - Romney by ABC Affiliate WSOC in North Carolina -  A lot of people talking this morning about the incident from high school, back in 65. Some people going as far to say, maybe you were a bully in school. What do you say to those critics?

"Well I think, I was one who did some stupid things in high school - a - and if anyone feels that they were offended by that, I certainly apologize for that."

For the latest news, interviews with classmates, relatives of classmates  and fallout from Romney at Cranbrook, Day 2, Matt Negrin is putting together all the pieces -

What's Your Verdict? Medal of Honor Imposters - The Supreme Court will soon decide if faking a medal of honor is just stupid and protected speech, or if it should be illegal - Take part in our online vote and discussion - A new series from Ariane de Vogue -

Judge Rejects Edwards Dismissal -

Live Tweets Near Air Force One in Nevada - @RalstonFlash - "Pilot says we are stuck on tarmac until POTUS departs. Groans from passengers. #voteslost"

- "I think we are going to be stuck on the tarmac longer than POTUS spent in that Reno neighborhood. #27minutes #bitterlyclingingtomyiphone"

Obama Raises Millions, Shoots Hoops with Clooney and Spidey and then… (record scratch) tours the epicenter of the foreclosure crisis and says he and Shaun Donovan are here to help -

His Housing Argument - Refinancing applications are up since he announced administrative changes to some federally backed mortgage changes. But it's not entirely clear that those have led to an uptick in applications -

Romney Refocuses on Economy, Doesn't Mention Cranbrook or Gay Marriage at Event

With Liberty and Justice for Mitt - Yahoo! News' Holly Bailey previews Romney's all-important speech at Liberty University tomorrow - "Romney will make perhaps his most overt appeal yet to Christian conservatives on Saturday, when he delivers the commencement address at Liberty University, the evangelical school founded by the late Rev. Jerry Falwell. The Romney campaign argues-and most conservative activists agree-that the party's overriding desire to defeat Obama will prompt even the most skeptical Republicans to line up behind the party's nominee. But the danger is that conservatives won't turn out to volunteer, write campaign checks or stoke grassroots enthusiasm for Romney. "Most Republicans are going to turn out for Romney because he's running against Barack Obama," says Richard Land, the head of policy for the Southern Baptist Convention. "But he also needs an energized base that will help him get out the vote… Right now, (social conservatives) are his to lose, but he could drive them away." -

Obama Tells Supporters to "Nag" Congress -

But John Parkinson Suggests His To Do List  is a Bit Lofty - "My goodness," Boehner scoffed with incredulity, summing up the House Republicans' lack of enthusiasm for the president's to-do list, which was released this week.

Get Outta Charlotte? - Moving the Democratic Convention Out of North Carolina over the anti-Same-Sex Marriage Vote? Not Likely - Although Elizabeth Hartfield there is precedent for a last-minute move. In 1972 Democrats and Republicans piggybacked. But this year? Republicans are hosting their convention in Tampa, Florida. Florida is one of the 30 states with a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. -

George Stephanopoulos has 9 Insights on Gay Marriage -

#2 - Did this cost President Obama North Carolina? We saw the results of the referendum on Tuesday with 79 percent of the electorate supporting a ban on same-sex marriage. Additionally twenty percent of voters in the Democratic primary voted against Obama, which could show that he's got some trouble in a state he won four years ago.

#4 - On the flip side, how much will older voters be turned off?  Are they more likely to focus on Obama's stance on gay marriage, or Romney's plans for Medicare?  That's the key question for this group - and how they could make the difference in the mega battleground of Ohio.  Same goes for Iowa - and Obama's marriage shift could put Wisconsin in play for Romney too.

Full List -

There's No 'Me' in Civil Rights - John Berman's Politically Foul - "This is a president who occasionally does catch a case of the 'me's.' In his explanation for support of gay marriage to Robin Roberts, the president said:  "When I think about members of my own staff who are in incredibly committed monogamous relationships, same-sex relationships, who are raising kids together; when I think about those soldiers or airmen or marines or sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf and yet feel constrained. My behalf?  Flag 5 yards, equipment violation…the uniform says USA, not "Obama." - More here -

Gay Marriage Minefield for Democratic Senate Candidates - Among the handful of Democrats in competitive Senate races, only three offered full support for the president's newfound position.

The rest, however, either split with the president, were noncommittal, or didn't say anything. Chris Good -

Romney Has Consistently Supported Gay Adoption and Supported Gay Marriage -

Marion Barry is Hiring -

Government Commissions Study of a Study about Studies -

Kissing Babies? Will Ferrell Punches One in New Political Comedy -