Tee Shirt Proclaims: Mitt Is The Sh**

Image credit: urbanoutfitters.com

With the presidential election still months away, it seems hipster retailer Urban Outfitters has already cast its ballot, throwing its hipster cred behind Romney's campaign in light of Tuesday's Texas primary victory, which secured the former Massachusetts governor the Republican presidential nomination.

Jumping on the presidential swag bandwagon, the store has rolled out a number of Mitt-centric T-shirt designs. Stores have rolled out multiple Romney shirts, including a "2 Legit 2 Mitt" design featuring a dancing Romney, a "Mitt is the Sh**" shirt, a KISS tribute and a play on Romney's first name involving an oven mitt. The slightly old-school pop culture references certainly won't be missed by your average Urban Outfitters customer, and add a dash of "cool" to a candidate who has not so far been known for having a youthful image?

Though Urban Outfitters is pioneering the Mitt Romney shirt, marketing tongue-in-cheek candidate shirts has been seen before, most notably with the outburst of Obama shirts on the streets since the President began his first presidential campaign in 2008.

While it may make more of a fashion statement than traditional campaign store garb, it remains to be seen whether Urban Outfitters' trendy treatment of Romney will gain the Republican candidate any street cred in an election where the youth vote may be crucial.