Top McCain Adviser Salter Says Of Fred Davis: 'He Requires Round-the-Clock Adult Supervision'

Fred Davis, the GOP media guru who pitched the attack ad campaign against President Obama focused on Rev. Wright - you can read more about it HERE - describes McCain in the document as a "crusty old politician who often seemed confused, burdened with a campaign just as confused…"

Davis was a media consultant for McCain's unsuccessful presidential campaign in 2008, having come up with the "celebrity" ad that generated some buzz, and am attack ad focused on Wright that McCain refused to green-light. But he retained his relationship with the Senator and came up with the media for McCain's successful Senate re-election campaign in 2010, including the "complete the dang fence" ad.

Mark Salter, a close friend and top adviser to McCain, says of Davis, "Fred is a creative guy, but he requires round-the-clock adult supervision. If you take your eyes off him for a moment, you're chasing demon sheep, witches and the yellow peril."

Salter was referring to Davis ads for ultimately unsuccessful Republican candidates: one for GOP Senate candidate Carly Fiorina that depicted a primary opponent as a "demon sheep"; one for GOP Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell in which she denies being a witch; and one for Michigan GOP gubernatorial candidate Pete Hoekstra that uses some unfortunate images.

Davis could not be reached for comment, but he has said, "I f I picked what's on my tombstone, it would be: 'If you don't notice it, why bother?'"

Incidentally, this same ad guru who pitched this negative campaign was just a few months ago working for former Gov. Jon Huntsman in the GOP primaries, pitching a more moderate and genial politics.

-Jake Tapper