Truman's Paperboy Finally Gets Paid

Harry Truman, shown here in the iconic image with a misprinted Chicago Daily Tribune on election day, got the Kansas City Independent Examiner at his house. A long-standing dispute about his bill has finally been settled. (Image Credit: Byron Rollins / AP Photo)

From beyond the grave, Harry Truman has paid off a debt to his paperboy 65 years late.

George Lund has finally been paid the $7.50 he was owed, plus interest, from his days delivering The Independent Examiner to Truman, according to Kansas City's KMBC-TV.

"I could never get anybody at the Truman home, you know, to answer the doorbell," Lund told the station.

Lund, then 15, said he always tried to throw the afternoon edition of the paper onto Truman's porch.

Truman even wrote his hometown paper's publisher, apparently bitter about criticism printed in the broadsheet. The Truman Library Institute reportedly paid off Lund.