Ann Romney Mentions Bill Clinton's Compliment on the Campaign Trail

While campaigning for her husband in Miami Tuesday, Ann Romney mentioned President Bill Clinton's compliment of Mitt Romney last week, while she tried to woo voters in the battleground state.

"I saw him always just being as Bill Clinton said, a 'stellar' businessman. I'm so glad we heard that from someone else besides me," she said, slightly misquoting the former president.  "Because he was, in every way it was stellar and it was amazing how much confidence people put in him, and he really had something that I think is unique that we sometimes forget how important it is and that is good judgment."

Clinton actually used the word "sterling" to describe Mitt Romney's business career, not stellar - but still quite the compliment for the competition.

"The man who has been governor and had a sterling business career crosses the qualification threshold," Clinton said, in an interview with CNN, referring to Romney.

Clinton raised funds with President Obama in New York City on Monday. In an interview Tuesday with PBS' NewsHour he said he didn't realize he was "wading into some controversy in the campaign, because I haven't seen the ads, and I'm not following it, and I'm not really part of it."

Dressed in mint green jeans and a white blouse, Ann Romney said when she sees the challenges facing the country - she mentioned unemployment, education, and "the health care system" - she just wants to shout:

"I have a guy for you that knows how to fix a lot of that stuff!" she said. "It's with 100 percent confidence that I know he is the right man at the right time…if Mitt Romney wins, America wins."

Ann Romney will continue campaigning in Florida this week, making stops in Ocala and Pensacola.