David Plouffe: Romney Economic Adviser Op-Ed 'Unprecedented' and 'Unbelievable'


White House senior adviser David Plouffe blasted Romney senior economic adviser Glenn Hubbard for criticizing U.S. policy on Europe's financial crisis in an op-ed in a German newspaper last week, calling Hubbard's article "a remarkable thing to see and really unprecedented."

"Governor Romney, his chief economic adviser, Glenn Hubbard, wrote an op-ed, an article in Germany, that basically went against what our government is trying to do, to encourage the Europeans to take action," Plouffe said on "This Week" this morning. "It was a remarkable thing to see and really unprecedented."

In an article in the German business journal Handelsblatt headlined 'Do not learn from America,' Hubbard wrote, "Unfortunately, the advice of the U.S. government regarding solutions to the crisis is misleading. For Europe and especially for Germany… These recommendations are not only unwise, they also reveal ignorance of the causes of the crisis and of a growth trend in the future," according to a translation in the New York Times.

When I asked Plouffe if he believed Hubbard crossed a line, Plouffe replied, "I think he did."

"We're facing headwinds from Europe. Europe doing the right things here to stabilize their situation is important to our small businesses, our workers, the middle class here, and overall economy," Plouffe added. "And to inject yourself in this for some short-sighted partisan gain, perhaps, is really unbelievable."

Hubbard, one of Romney's top economic advisers, is dean of the Columbia Business School and a former economic adviser in the George W. Bush administration.

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