George Will Bashes Bloomberg's Planned Soda Ban

(ABC News)

ABC News' George Will this morning slammed Mayor Michael Bloomberg for his proposed ban on certain sizes of sugary soda in New York City restaurants, movie theaters and delis, calling it an "irritable gesture" on "This Week."

"In one sentence he's got the essence of contemporary liberalism. That is something preposterous and something sinister," said Will, before quoting Bloomberg saying 'we're not taking away anyone's right to do things. We're simply forcing you to understand."'

Will admitted the United States faces an obesity problem, but argued that Bloomberg's solution is misguided.

"Regulating the size of these drinks at some outlets will do nothing about it (American obesity problem)…what this really says is, what Bloomberg is saying, the government helps with your healthcare, the government's implicated in your heath, therefore we own you."

Will went further, comparing the effort to regulate what people drink to the liberal effort to regulate people's energy use.

"This is one of the reasons liberals are so enamored of the issue of climate change. They say all our behavior in some way affects the climate," he said. "Therefore, the government - meaning, we, liberals, the party of government - can fine-tune all your behavior right down to the light bulbs you use."

ABC News contributor Donna Brazile expressed her support for Bloomberg, but admitted the proposed plan couldn't solve the American obesity problem.

"We have a public health crisis. Obesity is national problem. I don't think you can solve it by banning one of many sugary things out there," said Brazile. "All I can tell you is that this is a very serious concern and I commend the mayor for raising it and also giving you something to drink about," said Brazile.