Line Forms Outside SCOTUS for Obamacare Decision

With only 18 hours remaining until the Supreme Court rules on one of the most controversial issues facing the Justices-Obamacare-a small line has already formed outside the court.

The line may only currently be four people long, but as time gains on the decision the line is expected to grow. During the healthcare debates the line to gain access began Friday before the Monday start of the three-day event.

For Dutch Anderson, a U.S. history and civics teacher from Pleasanton, Calif., being at the court for the decision means sitting in "on history."

"I've never been in to see all the justices and sit and give a ruling," Anderson said. When I teach my civics… I can say I was here, if this actually makes it to the history books someday. I was here when this became part of the history that you are reading now."

Although Anderson was already in the Washington, D.C. area when he heard the decision would be made Thursday, for Laura Brennaman, 53, being here meant flying in from Florida. And she didn't even bother booking a hotel.

"That's my hotel room," she said looking at the red folding chair she brought with her from Ft. Myers.

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Brennaman, who a former nurse who teaches nursing, says she sat in during the March arguments, but when she heard Monday the decision would be made on Thursday she decided to come back up to the capital.

"I had a whole lot of airline miles…I thought, I should spend those miles and come up here and do this," she said. "I'm passionate about the need to provide high quality access to health care for all Americans… (and) I firmly believe like the World Health Organization says it's a basic human right."

Like during the debates, congressional staffers have also been sent into the heat to hold places for members of Congress wanting to attend the decision announcement.

And although folks like Anderson and Brennaman may be the firsts in line, tomorrow there will be plenty more to join them for a decision that can be sure to draw another line in the sand.