Obama Orders Sundae for Himself, Banana Split for Carney

BOSTON - After his campaign speech at Oyster River High School in Durham, N.H., this afternoon, President Obama made a surprise stop for ice cream at the University of New Hampshire Dairy Bar. He mingled with patrons in the shop and wished happy birthday to one woman's young child.

The president also offered to pay for anyone's ice cream who hadn't ordered yet, joking that it was legal for him to do so even though he said he couldn't if they were outside a polling place.

The president then ordered ice cream for his staff, teasing White House press secretary Jay Carney for having a very large appetite. "Have you guys ever seen Carney eat? It's unbelievable," he said.

Obama ordered Carney a banana split and a hot fudge sundae for himself.

One woman asked, "Mr. President, how do you keep your waistline?"

"I don't have them that often," Obama replied.

Obama also joked that "this is legal. I could not do this in front of a polling place."

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