The Note's Must-Reads for Thursday, June 7, 2012

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Compiled by ABC News' Jayce Henderson, Amanda VanAllen, and Will Cantine

PRESIDENT OBAMA / MITT ROMNEY: ABC News: " President Obama, Mitt Romney Mediate at CMT Music Awards" President Barack Obama and the presumptive GOP nominee, Mitt Romney, appeared in a taped comedy skit that opened tonight's CMT Music Awards. As many politicians are apt to do in the middle of a partisan battle, both President Obama and former Gov. Romney refused to take sides in a dispute between Toby Keith and Kristen Bell on who should host tonight's awards show. LINK

ABC News' Devin Dwyer: " President Obama Fundraises With Willie Mays" At a fundraising luncheon in San Francisco this afternoon, President Obama received an enthusiastic re-endorsement from baseball Hall of Famer Willie Mays, who likened the thrill of sharing a stage with the nation's first African-American president to playing in the World Series. LINK

The Hill's Amie Parnes and Cameron Joseph: " Obama frets after 'terrifying' recall vote" President Obama will need to double down on his efforts to keep Wisconsin safely in his column after Gov. Scott Walker's (R) resounding victory in Tuesday's recall election. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Robin Abcarian and Kathleen Hennessey: " President Obama gets enthusiastic welcome at L.A. gay event" At a gay rights dinner last year in New York City, when President Obama listed gay-friendly policies he had enacted, hecklers shouted, "Marriage!" At a similar event Wednesday night in Beverly Hills, nearly a month after the president embraced gay marriage, there was no heckling. Instead, 600 supporters at the LGBT Leadership Council event rose to their feet as one, chanting, "Four more years!" LINK

The Washington Times' Dave Boyer: " Gay support pays big dividends for Obama camp" Cashing in on his support of same-sex marriage, President Obama flew to California Wednesday for a fundraiser with gay supporters, one of five events expected to pull in at least $5.3 million. LINK

The Washington Post's Karen Tumulty: "Barack Obama needs Bill Clinton, even if he can't control him" The current president is learning that there is both an upside and a downside to having a former one - particularly one with whom he has tangled in the past - as the most prominent surrogate for his reelection bid. On the one hand, Bill Clinton brings to bear an unrivaled standing and stature in making the case that Barack Obama deserves a second term in the White House; on the other, he creates a big mess to clean up when he goes off-message. LINK

Bloomberg's John McCormick: " Obama Re-Election Map Shaken After Walker's Wisconsin Win" Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said today his victory in yesterday's recall election sets the stage for Mitt Romney to be competitive in his state in November's election, while the presumptive Republican presidential nominee saw broader national implications to the result.  "I think he'd acknowledge he's an underdog, particularly here in Wisconsin," Walker said of Romney on MSNBC. LINK

Boston Globe's Michael Rezendes: " President Obama winning battle for small donors" Attention directed at the mega-donations business titans are making in the race for the White House has eclipsed an equally critical aspect of the fund-raising war - courting the little guys. And in that boisterous battle of emails, celebrity-sponsored contests and on-line credit card charges, President Obama is clearly winning. While Obama has embraced grassroots fund-raising, Romney had relied on contributions from well-heeled donors to his campaign, and contributions from wealthy individuals and corporations to the super PACs backing his candidacy. LINK

The New York Daily News' Jonathan Lemire: " President Obama and Mitt Romney relentlessly stockpile cash ahead of grueling and expensive general election battle" It's the spring 2012 campaign fund-raising tour - covering thousands of miles and millions of dollars. President Obama and Mitt Romney have relentlessly hit the road in recent weeks to stockpile cash in advance of what is certain to be a grueling - and expensive - general election battle. LINK

RON PAUL: Politico's Alexander Burns: " Ron Paul: I won't be the nominee" Texas Rep. Ron Paul acknowledged in a message to supporters Wednesday evening that he will not end up with enough delegates to win the Republican presidential nomination - an obvious statement that may still come as a disappointment to the congressman's hard-core supporters. Paul urged his backers to use the Republican National Convention in Tampa as an opportunity to advocate for their policy priorities, and pointed to several down-ballot races where like-minded candidates could use support. LINK

DEMOCRATS / OTHER: The New York Times' Helene Cooper: " Europe's Woes Give Democrats a New Line of Attack" In American politics, being European is bad again. But these days, President Obama and the Democrats, not the Republicans, are holding up their allies across the Atlantic as the poster children for bad policies. In a new line of attack, top Democrats are arguing that Mitt Romney and the Republicans, with their focus on spending cuts, are following Europe's austerity-first example, to dismal effect so far: Greece over the edge; Italy, Spain, Portugal on the edge; Britain in recession; and the United States suffering through a needlessly weak recovery because of government cuts. LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Peter Nicholas and Laura Meckler: " Clinton's Remarks Test Ties" Listening to the Obama campaign's attacks on Mitt Romney's career, Bill Clinton has been dissatisfied with the message - in particular, that it demonized Mr. Romney's record as head of a private-equity firm rather than laying out clear policy differences between the candidates, according to people familiar with his critique. LINK

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