WSJ Reporter Resigns Over Ambassador Nominee Affair

Image credit: Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal reporter Gina Chon resigned today after emails surfaced revealing she had a secret affair with the man who is now President Obama's nominee to serve as U.S. ambassador to Iraq.

The pair began their romantic relationship in 2008, while Chon was the paper's Iraq correspondent and Brett McGurk was an adviser to the National Security Council on Iraq - and while McGurk was married to another woman. McGurk has since divorced his wife and married Chon.

The emails, first published by the blog Cryptome last week and confirmed by ABC News, are sexually explicit and suggest that Chon got much of her information, guidance and access for her reporting from McGurk during their affair.

In one, Chon jokingly refers to reporters as vultures attacking sources, to which he replies, "If treated to many glasses of wine - you could be the chosen vulture."

McGurk also talks about bringing the reporter with him to dinner with a leading Iraqi politician. He ultimately does not, but later writes, "I had a very good day with the Iraqis … the best yet. Can't tell you about it of course."

According to a statement released by the Journal, Chon resigned after acknowledging she violated the paper's code of conduct by sharing unpublished stories with McGurk.

The paper continues to insist that the relationship had no effect on Chon's reporting.

McGurk's confirmation to the post is pending before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

With reporting by ABC News' Jake Tapper and Dana Hughes.