Jindal Stumps for Romney in Ohio, But No Mention of Veepstakes

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Standing before a crowd squeezed into a small room at Mitt Romney's Ohio headquarters, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal hammered President Obama for trying to distract voters from his record by distorting Romney's experience.

The president "can't run on his record. He can't run on his policies, so all he can do is attack Governor Romney. All he can do is distort his policies. All he can do is make up allegations, try to distract our attention away from his failed performance and the economy today. They've distorted what Governor Romney did as governor. They distorted what he did in the private sector. They've even gone after what he did in high school," Jindal said at the campaign headquarters here.

"I'm just glad we're not talking about what I did in high school," Jindal lightly added.

Jindal, who appeared with Romney earlier this week at a fundraiser in Baton Rouge, made no reference to the vice presidential selection process, instead focusing his time on sharpening his attacks against the president, calling him "the most incompetent, most liberal" president since Jimmy Carter.

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"The president himself made some promises. Remember he said if he couldn't get this economy turned around in three years, it'd be a one-term proposition. Now he's broken a lot of promises. That's one promise I'd actually like him to keep," Jindal said.

"This president has never run anything before we elected him POTUS, never ran a lemonhead stand, never ran a business, never ran a state," he later added.

Jindal, who endorsed Texas Gov. Rick Perry in the primary, has ramped up his appearances on behalf of Romney in recent weeks, but the two have yet to appear together at a public event. Earlier this month, Jindal bracketed President Obama's bus tour in Ohio with former Gov. Tim Pawlenty, and he spoke at the lavish retreat Romney's campaign held for its top donors in Park City, Utah, last month.

The Louisiana governor, who also hosted a business roundtable at White Castle headquarters and attended a fundraiser for Senate candidate Josh Mandel, was one of a number of potential VP candidates to campaign across the country for Romney on Wednesday. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush spoke to supporters at an event in Hamilton, Ohio. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie held fundraisers in Washington, D.C., and Chicago and will headline a fundraiser with Pawlenty Wednesday evening in Minnesota.