Kiss Me, Maybe? White House Denies Obama Rebuffed In Kiss Cam Controversy

Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post/Getty Images

The White House is insisting President Obama was not snubbed by his wife at last night's basketball game.

The first couple drew boos from the crowd when they seemingly refused to smooch after being caught by the Verizon Center's "kiss cam." The president was seen on the big screen with his arm around his wife, while Mrs. Obama seemed to shake her head "no."

"I can tell you based on a very good source, that reports the president was rebuffed are false," Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest told reporters today.

The first couple got a do-over later in the game, when the kiss cam focused on them again. This time, the president planted a big kiss on his wife.

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"During the first half they were sitting in the stands, noticed that their images were on the large screen, smiled, did not recognize that their images were on the screen in conjunction with the kiss cam," Earnest explained of the initial miss.

The Obamas did not realize they had missed the opportunity to pucker up until halftime, "when the president and first lady saw their daughters and their daughters asked them why they didn't kiss during the kiss cam segment," according to Earnest.

"And so during act two of the kiss cam promotion, the president managed to steal a kiss from his wife," he said.