Mitt and Ann Take Speedboat for a Whirl

Image credit: Charles Dharapak/AP Photo

WOLFEBORO - Mitt and Ann Romney took one of their large speedboats out for a spin this afternoon here on Lake Winnipesaukee loading on several grandchildren, all five sons, and coolers full of snacks before driving off.

It was just around 12:45 p.m. when Romney, wearing a dark blue shirt and black shorts, was seen lugging what appeared to be a heavy white cooler over to his three-boat garage.

Other members of the family filed in and aboard, and what appeared to be a few camera flashes could be seen from afar as they readied the boat.

And then they were off, this time with Mitt at the wheel and Ann by his side, her hair clipped up, and at least 10 grandchildren with life vests on peering over the front of the boat. More children - and Romney's five sons and one of his daughter-in-laws - were also on board. About 25 people in total seemed to be on the boat.

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Mary Romney, one of Romney's daughter-in-law's, tweeted a photo of the boat trip and said they were heading to Blueberry Island.

Romney's boat was trailed by a Coast Guard boat with a Secret Service agent aboard, surveying the lake with a pair of binoculars.

Additionally there was a one-man camera man taking video of Romney lugging the cooler and also in the boathouse as the boat pulled out.

Romney drove the boat clear across the lake, and hadn't returned yet more than an hour later.

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