Pawlenty's Website: 'Coming Soon,' 'Please Come Back Later'

ABC News' Arlette Saenz and Shushannah Walshe report:

Tim Pawlenty's website appears to be getting a curiously timed facelift, raising questions about why and when this revamp began as the veepstakes world is reaching a fever pitch.

When users head to, which Pawlenty has used since 2009, according to this Facebook post, any semblance of a homepage is gone and instead is replaced with the words, "Please come back later." The tab on the browser reads, "Coming Soon page." Pawlenty lists this website on both his Twitter and Facebook profiles.

Pawlenty told ABC News the site was taken down because there is no longer a campaign or a PAC, but he said he "doesn't know who wrote" "coming soon" up there.

Some bloggers are suggesting otherwise, speculating this could indicate Pawlenty is preparing to receive the vice presidential nod. It's unclear when this reboot began.

Typing in into the Wayback Machine, an Internet archive site, shows Pawlenty's webpage when it was fully functional, back in July of last year when he was still conducting his own presidential bid.

Other potential VP contenders' websites still link back to their original pages. is still a site for Rob Portman's 2010 senate campaign, and Marco Rubio's website,, directs to a page for users to look through Rubio's senate campaign site or his Reclaim America PAC site.

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