President Obama: Health Care Law 'Is Here to Stay'

Credit: Carlos Osorio/AP Photo

MAUMEE, Ohio - Speaking at his first campaign event since the Supreme Court upheld his signature health care legislation, President Obama boasted that the "law I passed is here to stay."?

?"I'll work with anybody who wants to work with me to continue to improve our health care system and our health care laws," the president told supporters at the first stop of his two-day campaign bus tour. "But the law I passed is here to stay."? ?

The president also had a stern warning for Republicans seeking to challenge the legislation.?

?"Now is not the time to spend four more years refighting battles we fought two years ago," he said. "Now is the time to move forward and make sure that every American has affordable health insurance and that insurance companies are treating them fairly. That's what we fought for. That's what we're going to keep."?

?The president argued the law will "make the vast majority of Americans more secure" and touted its more popular provisions.?

?"We will not go back to the days when insurance companies could discriminate against people just because they were sick. We're not going to tell 6 million young people who are now on their parents' health insurance plans that suddenly they don't have health insurance," he said.?

?-Jake Tapper and Mary Bruce

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