Romney Launches Fourth Attack Ad in a Week

TOLEDO, Ohio - The Romney campaign released its fourth television ad in just under a week this morning, this one launching direct attacks against how the president spent federal money while in office.

The new ad shifts away from a series of ads that had accused the president of lying in his own campaign ads. Romney's previous ads in the last week accused President Obama of "inaccurate" ads that claimed Romney owned offshore bank accounts and outsourced jobs during his time at Bain Capital.

The new 30-second spot, titled "Where Did All the Money Go?", reenforces the message of the Romney campaign this week that Obama has engaged in so-called "political payoffs" while in office.

The ad lays thick text over images of burning cash while a voiceover says, "Where did All the Obama stimulus money go?"

"Friends, donors, campaign supporters, special interest groups," the text reads. "Where did the Obama stimulus money go?"

"Solyndra," text flashes across the screen, referring to the solar start-up that got stimulus funds and went bust. "500 million taxpayer dollars."

The ad then asks again where the stimulus money went, text flashing across the screen that reads, "Windmills from China" and "Electric Cars from Finland."

Romney has spent several days telling voters and supporters that Obama is an "outsourcer in chief."

At a fundraiser in Jackson, Miss., Monday, Romney quipped, "The president's not only making bad economic decisions he's the outsourcer-in-chief."

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