Romney Raises $2 Million at Louisiana Lunch, Says Obama's Policies 'Stink'

BATON ROUGE - Mitt Romney accused President Obama today of giving American tax dollars to his campaign contributors, renewing his attacks on the president for being a "outsourcer-in-chief" and saying his policies "stink."

Romney, speaking at a private fundraiser that was open to a small group of reporters at the City Club in Baton Rouge, said that one of the president's policies that he finds "most revealing" is the one that relates to the investment of tax dollars.

"It is taking your tax dollars and putting it in businesses owned by contributors to his campaign, and that is smelly at best. It stinks," said Romney at the intimate fundraiser where 40 guests paid $50,000 each to attend the luncheon, which was also attended by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. An aide estimated the event would garner the candidate $2 million.

"When the president puts $500 million into a company called Fisker whose owner happens to be a venture capital firm in which Al Gore is a partner, that stinks. It doesn't look right. It doesn't smell right and that has happened more than once," said Romney.

"So the president not only took our money and put it with his friends, he also took our money and outsourced the jobs, so I'm referring to him as the outsourcer-in-chief," said Romney. "This is not the only example, by the way, that he's outsourced. There are numerous settings where enterprises for which he has responsibility or made investments have now outsourced jobs elsewhere. I would note that this long list of things he has done that have made it harder for enterprises to grow is the reason we're not adding jobs at the rate we could have."

Romney himself has been accused by the Obama campaign of outsourcing jobs during his tenure at Bain Capital, accusations he has adamantly denied.

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Jindal, who appeared for the first time with Romney, addressed those attack ads head on, telling the group, "Maybe you've noticed you've been turning on your TV, you've been listening to the radio, been reading your emails, maybe you've noticed, our president has run an increasingly desperate and negative campaign."

"Seems like every time you turn on the TV you hear another false, malicious attack," said Jindal. "Despite the fact that independent fact checkers and the Washington Post and others have decried these attacks as false, they keep coming again and again. Why is that? It's pretty simple. It's because this president, President Obama, he cannot run on his record, he can't run on his political philosophy so he has to attack and distort Governor Romney's record."

Jindal added that he is "thrilled" Romney is a "successful businessman saying, "You don't want an unsuccessful businessman in the White House."

Romney, who spoke for just over20 minutes, made several references to the cost of the fundraiser, quipping, "This is the most expensive lunch you've ever attended and I know that and I appreciate your generosity. These are big contributions that all help my campaign and with our victory effort are helpful to our Republican cause and so I thank you with great sincerity."

Romney also spoke highly of Jindal, who is rumored to be under consideration as a running mate.

"What a brilliant introduction that was comprehensive and impressive and almost as impressive as what he's accomplished here," said Romney. "What I have seen here watching this governor in the short years he's been here has really opened my eyes and the people across the country to see what one person can do if he or she has great ambition, vision and willingness to do whatever it takes and share credit where credit is due."