Romney Senior Advisor Says No VP Has Been Chosen

BATON ROUGE - A senior advisor to Mitt Romney pushed back today on reports that a vice presidential running mate has already been chosen, but he told the Associated Press that a decision could come as early as this week.

Eric Fehrnstrom, speaking to reporters after a fundraiser for the candidate that was also attended by rumored Vice Presidential short-lister Gov. Bobby Jindal, said firmly, "No decision has been made on VP."

That doesn't necessarily mean the decision won't come quickly, as Fehrnstrom made clear a short while later to the AP.

"Technically it could (come this week), but the governor hasn't made a decision. It will only happen after he makes a decision," Fehrnstrom said.

Fehrnstrom was asked specifically about a New York Times story this morning that reported, "Mr. Romney has reached a decision, his friends believe, and he may disclose it as soon as this week."

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Asked whether Romney spoke to Jindal to discuss the decision, Fehrnstrom confirmed that they met that they "didn't talk about VP."

"Education was one of the topics they covered but they did not discuss VP," he said.

"There is no decision on VP," Fehrnstrom reiterated, when pressed again on the report.

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