Rumored VP Shortlister Jindal to Fundraise With Romney

Image credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images

BATON ROUGE- He's rumored to be on Mitt Romney's vice presidential short-list, but Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has yet to hit the campaign trail with the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.

Today he will toe that line, appearing at a high-dollar fundraiser for Romney in at the City Club in downtown Baton Rouge, where a handful of reporters will be permitted access, albeit barred from taking photographs.

The last time Jindal and Romney saw each other was at the high-profile donor retreat hosted by the candidate's campaign in Park City, Utah, where Jindal participated on panels and delivered remarks.

But that was closed to reporters, who are hard-pressed to find photographic evidence that Jindal and Romney have ever actually been in the same room together, unlike other potential running mates such as former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty - who has appeared with Romney several times during his bus tour last month at events in both New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, another rumored VP shortlister, also accompanied Romney on the Ohio leg of the bus tour. Even Florida Sen. Marco Rubio held a joint press conference and town hall with Romney.

A few weeks ago, Jindal joined Pawlenty on their own bus tour of sorts, bracketing President Obama's bus tour stops in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Jindal has also conducted several interviews that served to promote Romney's candidacy, doing Sunday morning show rounds for several consecutive weeks.

Jindal, who previously backed former presidential candidate and Texas Gov. Rick Perry, endorsed Romney in April, just hours after former Sen. Santorum suspended his presidential campaign.

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