The Fiscal cliff and Thelma and Louise, A Lack of Traction on Taxes, Veep Logic, Obama's Likes (PM Note)

Starring Harry Reid as Thelma and John Boehner as Louise - The Fiscal Cliff - (Blaine)

Patty Murray - "If we can't get a good deal - a balanced deal that calls on the wealthy to pay their fair share - then I will absolutely continue this debate into 2013, rather than lock in a long-term deal this year that throws middle-class families under the bus."

Mitch McConnell - "This is what passes for governance among Democrats these days: Put the American people up against a wall, pick their pockets and hope that in the midst of the scuffle, they blame it - and the recession that would follow - on Republicans." (Miller and Percha)

Why Worry About Mitt Romney's Taxes When You can Worry About Taxmageddon? - Matt Negrin writes: What's clear is that the Obama campaign is directing the media narrative, and it's more about taxes and Bain than the economy. Reporters are now writing about Romney's previous push for opening up tax books - in 2002 his campaign pressed a familiar-sounding "what is she hiding?" line against his opponent, whose husband had connections to Enron.

Even Romney's campaign, which would like the news to be focused on the unemployment rate, has spent a good deal of time responding to the attacks, including a compilation of authoritative neutral voices that have been skeptical of the Obama camp's suggestion that Romney committed a felony.

Is that what the public wants to hear about the most? Hard to say. Obama did a "town hall" today and took seven questions from the crowd; not one of them was about Romney. They were about gay rights, natural gas, small businesses, Girl Scout cookies, Washington, education and employment. Obama Mocks Romney Tax Plan at Playful Town Hal l- President Obama today continued his personal assault on rival Mitt Romney, mocking the presumptive GOP nominee over a new report that estimates his jobs plan would create 800,000 jobs - overseas. (Devin Dwyer)

Attacks Romney Tax Proposal Also Supported by Members of His Own Jobs and Export Councils - (Tapper)

Did Obama Say 'If You've Got a Business, You Didn't Build That?' - Conservatives have been jumping on comments President Obama made in Roanoke, Virginia: "If you've got a business, you didn't build that." (Tapper)

The Romney Plan on Tax Returns - It'll never be enough, so they'll stick to releasing just two years, per David Muir's reporting - Perhaps Before Labor Day - (Tapper and Friedman)

Veep Logic - A Romney decision either has or hasn't been made and it could come anytime between now and the convention -

Who Is Rob Portman? The 'Anti-Palin' of VP Picks, 'Confident Enough to Be Humble' - CINCINNATI, Ohio - Ask Rob Portman, the soft-spoken Republican senator from Ohio, about the significance of Mitt Romney's looming running-mate decision, and he insists the pick won't change the arc of the 2012 general election. (Ann Compton & Devin Dwyer)

Pat Robertson - 30 Feet High (in the air) and On a Billboard Supporting Pot - (Good)

Into the Belly of the Bus Tour - Tapper's video postcard from Obama's trip through Ohio -

Personal Things We're Learning About Obama - Tomato Hamlet (Yorick, see) - Lover of Thin Mints - Pool Shark and Chili Cook - Consumer of Chili -

Biden is Pinkman; Issa is Hank Schrader - Your Favorite Politicos 'Breaking Bad' - With its epically interwoven morality tales and cast of shady operators, AMC's "Breaking Bad" is a natural mirror for the power-struggle politics of this election year. So with the show's long-awaited fifth season finally underway, we've matched up some of the campaign's best known political players with their "Bad" alter egos - (Gregory Krieg)

'American Idol' 2012 - How Obama's Ad with Romney Singing 'America the Beautiful' is like the Dukakis tank ad or the Kerry windsurfing ad - The on-screen text in a recent television ad by Barack Obama's re-election campaign tries to make the point that companies associated with Mitt Romney during his time at Bain Capital sent American jobs overseas. It points out that he has kept money in Swiss bank accounts and in the Caribbean. But the Obama campaign has been fostering those attacks for some time. The real point of their new ad is that Mitt Romney can't sing.

Race and Religion in 2012 - ABC / Washington Post Poll - "Racially insensitive attitudes toward blacks cost Barack Obama some votes, and to a lesser extent negative views on Mormonism hurt Mitt Romney politically. But those are countered by a favorable tilt toward the candidates among Americans who express more awareness of racial discrimination or who hold favorable views of Mormons. The racial effect is the larger one, showing strongly in views of whether blacks are discriminated against. Sixty-two percent of non-blacks in this ABC News/Washington Post poll think blacks in their communities don't experience racial discrimination (a view at odds with what most blacks themselves report). Among non-black registered voters who see no such discrimination, Romney leads Obama by 25 percentage points, 59-34 percent. Among non-blacks who do see discrimination, by contrast, Obama leads, 56-37 percent. (Blacks themselves support Obama nearly unanimously.)" (Gary Langer)

'Made In America' Policies Hugely Popular, Survey Shows-While President Obama and Mitt Romney bicker over whose policies will send more jobs overseas, there is one side of the job creation coin that both candidates agree on: that the government should do its darndest to keep manufacturing jobs in America. (Amy Bingham)

Romney Raises $2 Million at Louisiana Lunch, Says Obama's Policies 'Stink' - BATON ROUGE - Mitt Romney accused President Obama today of giving American tax dollars to his campaign contributors, renewing his attacks on the president for being a "outsourcer-in-chief" and saying his policies "stink." (Emily Friedman)

Biden Targets GOP, Paul Ryan Budget on Medicare & Social Security - Vice President Joe Biden pointed to Rep. Paul Ryan's budget as an example of Republicans adhering to a "different value set" than Democrats when it comes to reforming Social Security and Medicare, issues that he called "a family affair." (Arlette Saenz)

Treasury Inspector General Looks Into Personnel Soliciting Prostitutes, Having Inappropriate Relationships and More - Let's say you were going to throw an irony contest, trying to determine which federal employee's position would be most glaringly in violation of the act of soliciting a prostitute using government equipment. (Jake Tapper)

FACT CHECK: Romney Fundraising Disadvantage? - The Romney campaign complains that despite the huge fundraising numbers they have brought in-beating the Obama campaign two months in a row-they are actually at a financial disadvantage. (Shushannah Walshe & Elizabeth Hartfield) Pro-Romney SuperPAC Raises $20 Million - The pro-Romney super PAC Restore Our Future raised a record-breaking $20 million in June, Brittany Gross, spokeswoman for the group, confirmed to ABC News. (Shushannah Walshe)