US Olympic Committee Will Tell All Candidates (Cough, Mitt Romney) to Stop Using Olympic Footage in Ads

Earlier today, we told you how the U.S. Olympic Committee protested when a Democratic Super-PAC used footage from the 2002 Olympics in a web ad attacking Mitt Romney. ( Read more HERE.)

If Republicans thought that was a victory, that might have been shortsighted.

Because Mitt Romney has used some images from the Olympics in his advertising and this is apparently not acceptable, per the U.S. Olympic Committee.

"Regarding Olympic footage, it pertains to all ads," USOC spokesperson Patrick Sandusky said in a statement, referring to the ban of Olympic footage from political ads. "We will not allow Olympic footage to be used in any political ad, positive or negative, per the IOC's Olympic Charter."

A source on the U.S. Olympic Committee tells ABC News that if there are political ads out there with Olympic footage in them, the committee will ask all candidates to stop using them and will ask Youtube to take them down.

Romney has used images from the Olympics in his first 2008 presidential campaign video:

Olympic images were also used in the 2012 ad titled "Leader":

Romney's 2002 campaign website had an entire section called " 2002 Olympics Games Slide Show."

-Jake Tapper

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