Utah Town Votes on Fate of Mayor's Mustache

Courtesy of Trevor Snarr/AP Photo

Mayor Dan Snarr has put the fate of his 18-inch handlebar mustache up for a town vote.

The residents of Murray City, Utah, voted during the 4 th of July parade as the mayor and his wife campaigned against each other to save or shave the mustache, respectively.

"My wife had a competitive edge, she was yelling at everybody. She can't stand the 'stache," Snarr said.

Despite his wife's determined campaigning, more residents voted to save his mustache, much to Snarr's relief.

"At the very end, I had great support from the employees of Murray City. They came through for me," Snarr said.

This isn't the first time Snarr has put the fate of his mustache in his town's hands. In 2009, he raised $5,000 for a children's hospital by promising to shave it.

For now, Snarr plans to keep the mustache as long as he can maintain it. "It's who I really am. Nobody's ever had a mustache this long in Utah political history. We're having a lot of fun with it."

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