Veep Beat: Is Jeb Bush a No-Go For VP?

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NO VETTING FOR JEB BUSH, SON SAYS: Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's son, George P. Bush, said in a CNN interview Monday that his father is not being vetted to be Romney's running mate. "He's not being vetted right now," George P. Bush said on CNN's "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer." "He's one of the few politicians that does what he says in the sense that he's not actively pursuing a higher office."

A LOOK AT VEEPSTAKES PAST: As the VP speculation wheel churns, ABC News' Gregory Simmons takes a look at the number two picks and roll out dates from vice presidential announcements of the past, from Bill Clinton defying conventional wisdom with the selection of a fellow southerner in Al Gore in 1992 to John McCain's hasty pick of Sarah Palin in 2008. "The coming of summer heat in a presidential election year always brings the speculation about potential running mates to a boiling point. Mitt Romney is looking for one now. History suggests a decision could come any time between now and the Republican convention," Simmons writes. "The candidate wants to make the most of the announcement and get the most attention possible. But making too much of a splash has its own perils. A hasty vetting process in 2008 by John McCain and his team led to the selection of Sarah Palin - seen by some as a political superstar, but by others as a vice presidential nominee with little national name recognition and a thin resume. This time around, Republicans say the Romney campaign will be more deliberate. Some are even promising this will be the most intrusive, thorough vetting process ever."

IS ROMNEY GUTSY ENOUGH TO PICK CHRISTIE? In a column for Bloomberg View, The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg asks if Romney is willing to take the risk on picking New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie as his running mate. "Many of Romney's problems arise from his lack of authenticity. This suggests that he should choose a running mate who conveys a feeling of he-just-can't-help-himself genuineness. Which is why all the talk about Romney's unwillingness to consider New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for the vice- presidential slot is a bit of a mystery to me," Goldberg wrote. "There are, to be fair, many reasons Romney might want to keep Christie off the ticket. Christie has an excessively large mouth. He is easily provoked. He turns up late to speeches on occasion. He doesn't quit when he's ahead. He is no one's idea of a deputy. He comes from a state the Republicans can't win, no matter what Romney does. He is a Northeastern laissez-faire Republican mistrusted by social conservatives. And, of course, he is unwieldy and overweight and makes Romney look anorexic by comparison. On the other hand, if Romney wanted to actually win the presidency, he might consider choosing Christie."

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CHRISTIE WILL "WAIT AND SEE" ON HEALTHCARE: Gov. Chris Christie said New Jersey will take a "wait and see" approach to decide how it will implement the Affordable Care Act, ABC News Shushannah Walshe and Sunlen Miller reported. "New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says he is going to take a "wait and see" approach to how his state implements the Affordable Care Act now that the Supreme Court has deemed the president's health care plan constitutional. 'It is a wait and see on this,' Christie said during a question and answer session after a speech to the Brookings Institution. 'We just found out about this. So it won't affect our fiscal '13 budget. We have to look at fiscal '14- and fiscal '15 as when it will have an impact. But, first of all, I was glad the Supreme Court ruled that extortion is still illegal in America. And that is a relief, because Obamacare on Medicaid to the states was extortion! Especially saying that you expand your program to where we tell you, and if you don't, we are taking all your money away.'"

RYAN RAISING CASH FOR ROMNEY: WJBC Radio in Illinois reported that Rep. Paul Ryan will headline a luncheon fundraiser for Romney in Normal, Ill., this Friday.

MONEY POURS INTO RYAN'S COFFERS: ABC News' John Parkinson reported Rep. Paul Ryan raised just over $1 million in three months for his Congressional race, increasing his net for this year to $1.8 million. Ryan has about $5.4 million cash on hand.


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