A Man, A Whiteboard, A Tarmac: Medicare!, Important Policy Debate and Seamus Again (PM Note)

TAPPER: The president the other day made three allusions to Mitt Romney putting his dog on his roof. Is that part of this "important policy debate"?

CARNEY: I think he made one allusion in three different speeches that was a joke, just like I think the Romney campaign and others have joked about the fact that in the president's memoir, he talked about as a boy eating dog meat in Indonesia because that is something that's done there. You know, I think a little levity is a lot different from the kind of, you know, ridiculous charges that are being made here.

Video Here - http://abcn.ws/Nsl3rM

Mitt Romney Says Paid At Least 13 Percent In Taxes Over 10 Years - Mitt Romney said today he has not paid less than a 13 percent taxes during the past ten years. The candidate had told ABC News' David Muir last month that he'd be "happy to go back and look" at his returns - and he did. http://abcn.ws/MACULY (Emily Friedman)

A Man, A Whiteboard, A Tarmac, Medicare! - It was one of the more unexpected candidate news conferences we've seen in some time. Mitt Romney, known for his love of Powerpoint, alighted to an airport Tarmac with a white board to teach the world about the differences between his plan for Medicare and Barack Obama's.

The Medicare debate has gotten a little muddy recently. It's a little unclear what Romney's plan is and how it differs from the Ryan plans, which have evolved over the years - http://abcn.ws/PoL09W

Fact Check: Romney's Plan to 'Restore' Medicare Spending Cuts - http://abcn.ws/Nq6pwX

Help, Mom - Paul Ryan will take the Medicare fight to Florida, where he will appear with mom at world's largest retirement community - http://abcn.ws/MAQ0ZE

Here's The Medicare Offense - http://abcn.ws/QDBxbI Romney's Strategy to Win the Argument - http://abcn.ws/Q3InGG

Romney Says His Plan and Ryan's Are 'Virtually Identical' - http://abcn.ws/RWfvoH

Artur Davis to Speak at GOP Convention - http://abcn.ws/PoHI6C

11 Chicago Cops Sue City, Accusing Rahm Emanuel of Discrimination-Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is named in a federal lawsuit from 11 of the city's police officers, alleging that the mayor unlawfully removed them from his security detail when he took office in 2011. http://abcn.ws/N6z2xF (Jilian Fama)

Family Research Council Shooting: FBI Details Heroism of Guard - Floyd Corkins, who allegedly shot a security guard Wednesday at the Family Research Council, has been charged in a two-count criminal complaint with a federal weapons violation and a local charge of assault with intent to kill while armed. http://abcn.ws/N6rECt (Jason Ryan)

Devo Backs Seamus: 'Don't Roof Rack Me, Bro!'-Seamus, the Irish setter that Mitt Romney infamously strapped to the roof of his car for a ride to Canada, has now inspired not only political quips, but also punk rock. http://abcn.ws/NpPIlg (Mary Bruce)

In Ohio, Paul Ryan Says China Treats Obama Like a 'Doormat'- Paul Ryan jumped on a Mitt Romney talking point today in stressing that China is not a fair trading partner, something the top of the ticket consistently mentions on the campaign trail. However, Ryan went a step further, saying that while the president promised to "go to the mat" with China, the country instead treats Barack Obama like a "doormat." http://abcn.ws/S0pavY

Iowa Ladies Get a Presidential Smooch-It was a scene from a teen idol concert, but these were no Justin Bieber fans. President Obama made two sisters' day on Wednesday after a campaign speech in Dubuque, Iowa, when he allowed one of them, Kathy Squire, to give him a kiss on the cheek. http://abcn.ws/THxOxG (Meghan Kiesel)

Former SEALs, Intel Officers, Form Group Assailing White House for Leaks-A new group of former intelligence and national security officers is attacking - on the web and soon in TV ads - the Obama White House for the various scandals over leaks. http://abcn.ws/Pt9xMw (Jake Tapper)

President Obama Takes Questions from People Mag, Entertainment Tonight, Disses White House Press Corps-President Obama hasn't formally taken questions from the White House press corps in more than two months, but on the campaign trail in Iowa yesterday he made time for reporters from People Magazine and Entertainment Tonight. http://abcn.ws/NFkJ5l (Jake Tapper)

Obama Defends Biden After 'Chains' Remark - Vice President Joe Biden suggested Tuesday that Republicans want to put voters in "chains," triggering a fierce war of words between the rival campaigns, but Obama is standing by Biden's side. http://abcn.ws/RT1J69 (Devin Dwyer)

Five Questions: 'This Week' With Jake Tapper-This week we asked ABC News senior White House correspondent Jake Tapper - who is usually the one asking the questions - to answer five questions for us. http://abcn.ws/QG0HGz