'Boring White Guy' VP Contender Content with One Beer at a Time

Senator Rob Portman, R-OH, isn't taking the familiar criticism that he's a " boring white guy " lying down anymore.

To prove it, he sent a 12 oz. bottle of Bud Light as a gift to Hamilton County Commissioner Greg Hartman's office. Hartman, who has known Portman for over a decade, was recently quoted in the senator's hometown paper saying, "Rob Portman has had one beer in more places than any man in America."

The profile, which appeared June 25th in the Cincinnati Enquirer, painted a picture of Portman as a "loyal soldier," a man who never overindulgences and may be "…too boring to be vice president."

"The Boy Scout reputation sometimes leads to teasing from friends who say they've never seen him drink or eat to excess, despite all the dinners, church festivals and political gatherings he's attended over the years," the article said.

And while the beer gift proves Portman is capable of spontaneity and humor, it turns out he is in fact a one beer man.

"Greg, Thanks for talking to the Enquirer about me," Portman wrote to Hartman. "The one beer comment is actually true! I love that one beer though. Here's one for you!"

Hartman, who is a fan of Portman's, said he thought the move was "hilarious."

"He can talk to the board room or the corner of a bar," Hamilton said. "He can play to any crowd."