Kid Rock Boosts Paul Ryan in Michigan

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. - Paul Ryan had quite the special guest at his fundraiser Friday night: Romney supporter and rock star Kid Rock.

The Michigan native, who sings Romney's campaign theme song, "Born Free" appeared on stage with the vice presidential candidate.

"I was going to come out, be a little wisenheimer and say, 'Guess which one is running for vice president?'" Kid Rock said, sporting his signature straw fedora. "And then, they would introduce Paul and I would walk out and say hello."

That didn't happen, but Ryan did name drop a song on Kid Rock's album "Devil Without a Cause," saying he's been listening to him for a "long, long time and I am older than him, just to set the record straight."

"So one of us is running for vice president, but only one of us listened to 'Bawitdaba' on the way over here in the motorcade with the Secret Service," Ryan said.

"We take pride in people's success, we don't resent people for being successful in this country," Ryan said, referring to Kid Rock. "Look at this creator right here - the fruit of his labor coming from his mind, his talents. He took his path to find his happiness, and he is realizing his dreams and he is paving his way. Only in America can you do this. That is what this country is all about."

One hundred sixty people attended the event, according to the campaign, and there were three tiers of tickets to attend the events at the Oakland Hills Country Club in Romney's hometown. The general reception cost $500, a $2,500 donation got attendees a photo with the Wisconsin chairman, and $10,000 to $20,000 was the cost of the VIP reception, held at a private home in the area.

As both Romney and Ryan did at their joint event in nearby Commerce Friday morning, Ryan explained how important Michigan is to victory.

"It's a pretty clean and straight story," Ryan told the donors, standing in front of both an American and Michigan flag. "We have a really clear choice to make. A handful of states are going to determine the outcome of this. Michigan is one of them. And the decisions we make, 16 electoral votes you pledge, they will very well determine the kind of country we are going to be and the kind of people we are going to be for a long time."

Kid Rock will also perform at next week's Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.