Love at the RNC: Wedding Proposal Happens on Stage

Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images

It looks as if Ann Romney's message from Tuesday night - that this is about love - struck a chord. Bradley Thompson, 32, proposed to his girlfriend of three years, Laura Bowman, on the stage of the Tampa Bay Times forum on Wednesday.

Neither Thompson nor Bowman are here as delegates - in fact, it's not even clear if they're Republicans; the couple declined to tell reporters when asked which party they support. Bowman is a production coordinator and Thompson is a production manager for the convention. The couple met three years ago on a production job and they live in New York City.

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Bowman said she thought something fishy was going on when she was called for a sound check. Although they knew they would be engaged eventually - the couple told reporters that they had actually picked the ring together - Bowman said she didn't think it would happen today.

It may not be a flash mob, but proposing on the same stage where a presidential candidate will officially accept his party's nomination is a pretty good proposal story.

There's no word yet on the wedding plans for the couple.

ABC's Jonathan Karl got the inside scoop from the newly engaged couple behind the scenes.