Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan Medicare Plans 'Close to Identical'

In an interview with ABC Green Bay affiliate WBAY, GOP presumed presidential candidate Mitt Romney says, "Actually, Paul Ryan and my plan for Medicare is the same. If not identical, it's probably close to identical.

"Our plan is very simple. Which is, that for people 55 years of age and older there's no change," Romney said. "The only change I'd mention is we'd restore the $817 billion President Obama took out of the Medicare trust fund. We'd restore it to Medicare"

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Look for Democrats to jump all over this.

When Romney selected Ryan as his running mate, his campaign went to great lengths to make it clear that Romney would be pushing his own plan and not Ryan's, which would turn Medicare into a more market-based system.

But Romney continued to refer to his and Ryan's singular plan at multiple points during the interview.

"What Paul Ryan and my plan would do for people 55 and young [is] expand that program so they have the option to take advantage of that kind of private sector plan, or a governmental plan," Romney said.

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