Obama Authorizes $30 Million More In Drought Aid

The Obama administration is authorizing an additional $30 million to help farmers and ranchers in areas hit by the severe drought.

"This has been an all-hands-on-deck response… But obviously, we've got a lot more to do because a lot of folks are being affected by this," President Obama told reporters at a White House meeting on the drought response.

Obama announced a series of steps to aid families and businesses impacted by the worst drought in 25 years, including increasing lending to small businesses and a Department of Transportation initiative to help commercial truck drivers provide much-needed supplies to the affected areas.

"We're going to continue to solicit ideas from state and local organizations, state-based organizations, not-for-profit groups, the private sector, and most of all, the farmers and ranchers that are directly impacted, to find additional ways that we can help because when there's a disaster like this, everybody needs to pull together," he said.

The president called on Congress to pass the farm bill to "not only provide important disaster relief tools, but also make necessary reforms and give farmers the certainty that they deserve."

"My hope is that Congress, many of whom will be traveling back to their districts, in some cases in rural communities, and see what's taking place there, will feel a greater sense of urgency and be prepared to get this done immediately upon their return," he said.

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