Obama Makes Surprise Stop for Breakfast

Image credit: Carolyn Kaster/AP Images

OSKALOOSA, Iowa - Rolling into his first campaign event of the day, President Obama made a surprise stop for coffee and muffins at a local breakfast spot.

"Hello, everybody," the president declared as he walked into the Coffee Connection in Knoxville, Iowa, before working the room.

Obama spent time chatting with the owner, who is a Republican running for country supervisor, about his business and was overheard saying that "this is what America is all about … and I'm going to contribute by buying something."

The president ordered coffee, an ice tea, muffins and a cinnamon roll, according to pool reports, before turning to the diners and asking, "Anyone else need anything? I'm buying."

When a man shouted back that he would take a cinnamon roll, the president reported he was out of luck because "I just took the last one."

The man reportedly compromised, saying "OK, then come say hi." The president obliged and went over to talk with the man, but not before buying him that cinnamon roll (turns out the cafe had more in the back).

One of the patrons also asked the president about the White House brewed beer, and whether he had any stashed on the bus, which apparently he did. The president sent for one and gave the curious customer a bottle.

Obama paid his bill of $12.31 and worked the ropeline outside the cafe before hopping back on Ground Force One.

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