Optimistic Romney Says 'Winds of Change' Barreling Toward RNC

HOPKINS, Minn. - Mitt Romney isn't going to let a little rain ruin his parade - into the Republican National Convention, that is.

With Tropical Storm Isaac bearing down on the Caribbean and barreling toward Florida, Romney has remained optimistic when peppered with questions about the impending storm, adding that Floridians are simply feeling the "winds of change."

Asked during an interview with CBS Denver affiliate KCNC-TV whether he is worried that his presumptive nomination next week in Tampa might be upstaged by Isaac, Romney said, laughing, "That weather's always an issue this time of year along the Gulf Coast, but … I'm expecting we're going to get there just fine."

"There may be some wind, a little rain," he said. "But the winds of change are coming, so we're looking forward to it."

Romney spoke to GOP Florida Gov. Rick Scott by phone Thursday and discussed the weather forecast, according to an aide. In another interview with Fox Business, Romney said he felt "pretty good" about his odds of getting to Tampa.

"Any plans for Tampa depend on the airports being open, able to receive all the delegates and people like myself," he said. "We need to get there. But I feel pretty good that we'll be in Tampa and we'll have a great convention."

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