Paul Ryan's Favorite Shirt: the New Campaign Staple

Jeffrey Phelps/AP Photo

Paul Ryan proves it's hip to be a square. Or at least have a bunch of them on your shirt. The new Republican running mate has a favorite pattern and he's been shamelessly sporting it on the campaign trail ever since he was announced as Mitt Romney's VP pick on Saturday.

Most recently, he sported one today at a rally in Virginia, and before that, he wore one yesterday while chowing down on a chili dog in Ohio, where it seems he managed to keep it clean. Before that, his top of choice also made an appearance at a Wednesday rally at Ryan's alma mater , Miami of Ohio (think he wore it while he was a student there, too?) and at his first solo rally in Colorado on Tuesday.

The VP hopeful did make one bold fashion choice with a red and white checkered shirt at the Iowa State Fair on Monday.

While it has its issues, the Romney-Ryan campaign is fully in sync on one issue: wardrobe. At one of the first events after the announcement, the pair campaigned in Wisconsin on Sunday in matching checkered shirts , presenting a united front in Ryan's home state.

Ryan had better hope for a lot of quick turnaround dry cleaners if he's planning on keeping his wardrobe consistent through November - though, of course, he could always be stocking a closet full of backups on the campaign bus.

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