Paul Ryan's Shirtless Photos Emerge

Less than a week after Mitt Romney tapped Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate, the first shirtless photos of the Wisconsin congressman and P90X-devotee have emerged.

TMZ obtained a photo of Ryan and his wife, Janna, on vacation in Oklahoma six years ago. The photo was taken before Ryan started the P90X workout program, so it is perhaps not the best representation of what he might look like now.

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Ryan's physique had become something of an Internet sensation in the days after presumptive-nominee Romney said that he had asked Ryan, 42, to join him on the Republican ticket. In the 24 hours after the news first broke Friday night, Google trends showed that the second most-popular shirt term associated with Paul Ryan was "shirtless."

Ryan has been open about his devotion to physical fitness and his healthy eating habits. His father, grandfather and great-grandfather died from heart attacks in their 50s.

Whether more recent shirtless pictures will emerge as the campaign continues remains to be seen.

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