'Paul Who?': Trailing The GOP Running Mate at the Iowa State Fair

Conrad Schmidt/AP Images

First, an observation: Aside from some very loud and persistent hecklers (some of whom came disguised as Romney supporters, complete with shirts and signs), Paul Ryan had a warm, enthusiastic reception at the Iowa State Fair.

Watch Paul Ryan's Heckling Here

After the heckling - which took place at the famous Soap Box where Romney was heckled last year - I caught up with Ryan during his rather chaotic departure. Here's our exchange:

JK: What did you think about that reception? PR: I thought it was wonderful JK: Does it bother you - the hecklers? PR: Nah. We are used to it. I come from Wisconsin

I also caught up with him when he first arrived and asked him to respond to Obama saying Ryan is "part of the problem." He declined to answer saying: "We can play stump the running mate later."

He did, however, tell me he had taken part in cow milking competitions back in Wisconsin and always lost, usually to some 17-year-old farm girl. But he claims to know how to milk a cow and made a gesture with his hands to show how it is done.

You've got love state fairs …

One other thing: I spoke to many people at the fair and found two reactions over and over -

"He's awesome!"


"Paul who?"

A lot of people, even here in neighboring Iowa, have no idea who Paul Ryan is.

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