Romney's 'Kiss My…' Spokesman Takes Time Off Campaign Trail

Charles Dharapak/AP

Mitt Romney is back at it campaigning in Colorado after a week long international whirlwind trip peppered with a few gaffes. But the perpetrator of one of those gaffes notably isn't on the trail with the presumptive GOP nominee in Colorado today.

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Spokesman Rick Gorka, whose curse-laden flap with the press in Poland rounded out the news reports culminating Romney's trip, is "taking some time off the trail" after a week abroad, per a Romney aide. Gorka normally serves as the traveling spokesman for Romney on all his campaign trips.

Additionally, Romney has beefed up his staff presence on the trail today with head of VP search Beth Myers accompanying him to Colorado as well as spokesman Kevin Madden and spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg, who all mingled with reporters prior to Romney's event. Romney's policy director, Lanhee Chen, was also on hand.