Ted Cruz: 'Thankful' Tropical Storm Isaac Keeping Biden Away

Republican Texas Senate candidate Ted Cruz tried to make a joke at the expense of Tropical Storm Isaac, counting it among his "blessings" that the storm kept Vice President Joe Biden from campaigning in Tampa during the Republican National Convention.

"We have so many things to be thankful for. So many blessings, including even we can be thankful for Hurricane Isaac. If nothing else, it kept Joe Biden away," Cruz said Sunday at a rally organized by the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

Biden planned on bracketing the convention with stops in Tampa Monday and Orlando and St. Augustine Tuesday, but postponed his trip so that resources would be focused on managing the impact of the storm.


"I understand that the Democrats are very sensitive about jokes about Joe Biden, and for good reason. As Ted expressed the very same day, it is critical that everyone be fully prepared for any hurricane, and our prayers are with everyone in the path of Tropical Storm Isaac," John Drogin, campaign manager for Cruz, said in a statement.

Over the weekend, Isaac tore through the Caribbean, hitting Haiti and the Florida Keys and killing at least nineteen.

The Republican National Committee shortened its convention schedule when the storm threatened to come close to Tampa. Its course has since turned toward New Orleans, and it is expected to strengthen to Category 1 hurricane status before it hits land late Tuesday or early Wednesday.