Ahmadinejad's Plane Made in America and Parked at Andrews AFB

Image Credit: Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

Here's something you don't see every day.

At Joint Base Andrews this morning, reporters traveling to Ohio with President Obama spotted what is in all likelihood Iranian President Mahmoud Amadinejad's airplane sitting on the tarmac: an American-made Boeing 747.

The Iran Air jet was parked next to the Russian government airplane and several others that appeared to be from foreign governments. Andrews becomes a parking lot for the planes during the annual UN General Assembly since there is not enough space at JFK and other NYC area airports.

It's not the first time Ahmadinejad's plane has been parked at Andrews during UNGA… in 2006 we reported it was there because it was considered a "high-value target."

Read that report from 2006.

And it is worth noting Iran has an entire fleet of aging Boeing planes… sold to them when the Shah was still in power. Current US sanctions don't allow the Iranians to buy spare parts, meaning a lot of these passenger planes are dropping out of the sky… and leading to some controversy over whether those sanctions are too harsh because they put innocent lives at risk. The Obama admin has dangled spare parts for the Boeings in front of Iran during negotiations over its nuclear program.

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