Ann Romney to Attend Fundraiser at Robert Duvall's House

WOODSTOCK, Vermont - While her husband dives into day three of debate prep, Ann Romney is busy keeping a campaign schedule of her own, sandwiching a high-dollar fundraiser at Oscar-winning actor Robert Duvall 's house in between swing state rallies.

Ann Romney will appear this evening at the Middleburg, Va., home of Luciana and Robert Duvall, the Academy Award winning-actor known best for his roles in "To Kill a Mockingbird," "The Godfather," and "Apocalypse Now." The event will serve to benefit the Republican nominee's Victory Fund.

According to the invitation obtained by The National Journal, guests will be asked to give $2,500 for a general reception, will have to raise or give $10,000 for a VIP photo reception, and $25,000 for the main dinner. See the invitation.

Ann Romney is listed on the invite as the "special guest."

While the candidate himself has kept a relatively low profile during the Democratic National Convention this week, venturing out of a hillside Vermont estate where he's been holed up with advisers just once to pick up some pizza and sit for a few interviews, Ann Romney has hit the trail on his behalf.

She held a rally in Ohio Wednesday and has another one scheduled for Friday in Virginia, two states crucial to Romney's White House chances.

In fact, since delivering her much-anticipated speech at the RNC last week, Ann Romney has enjoyed more of the spotlight than she has in a long while. She traveled with her husband to several rallies in Florida and Ohio in the days immediately after the RNC, and even ventured to the back of the campaign plane solo twice to chat with the press.

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