Ann Romney Says Mitt Is Much Maligned, Emphasizes 'Goodness of This Man'

NASHUA, N.H. - As night fell on a baseball stadium here in New Hampshire, Ann Romney rallied a crowd of thousands, hinting that with two months to go until the election, she's already got her eye on an inauguration party in January, even if she believes her husband is "being maligned."

"Let's see what Mitt can do, and we'll have this great joy together in January, and have a wonderful party in Washington, D.C., and celebrate the next president of the United States," said Mrs. Romney, who introduced her husband this evening at the rally. The couple was positioned just behind home plate on the baseball diamond.

"Well, here we are. Let's let it all begin. It's a new day, and a new way for America," said Mrs. Romney. "We're excited about these next 60 days, and you guys have to help us make it happen."

Speaking about last week's convention, Mrs. Romney said she "loved" getting to speak about Romney and listening to others testify about his character.

"I loved it that people in our lives stood up and said, 'Let me tell you another story, and that story is, he's the man that was at the 14-year-old's bedside when he was dying of leukemia," she said. "He was the man that was at the bedside of a mother who had a premature baby three months before it was due.'"

"I love that the people in America have been able to see through a different lens now, and seeing what I see, which is the goodness of this man. Now, on top of that, guess what. He's got experience too," she said.

Mrs. Romney, who has maintained a busy campaign schedule of her own this week, making stops in Ohio and Virginia - she'll be in New Hampshire over the weekend - hinted at more active involvement over the coming weeks.

"I'm gonna be out there a lot," she said. "We're all gonna have to be out there. We're gonna have to convince everyone that's now undecided that the guy that's been in office before, he said it best himself: 'If I can't turn this economy, I'm gonna be a one-term president.'"