Jennifer Granholm, DNC Firebrand, 'Cute' on '78 'Dating Game'

YouTube | Alex Wong/Getty Images

Here's Jennifer Granholm like you've never seen her. The former Michigan governor and current liberal talkshow host, who gave the single most-fiery speech at the Democratic convention, was a contestant on "The Dating Game" in 1978. The Detroit Free Press found video via YouTube on Facebook and wrote about it Thursday.

In the episode, Granholm's present-day business suit and controlled hairdo are replaced on her 19-year-old self by shoulder pads, suspenders and an enormous set of curls.

She is introduced on the show as "cute and curvaceous." She won a trip to Palm Springs with one of the three male contestants, but according to the Free Press, never took it. Watch " The Dating Game" appearance here:

Compare that to her speech at the Democratic National Convention last week, when she gave a full-throated and inspired defense of President Obama's handing of the economy and his attempts to rescue the U.S. auto industry.