Obama Takes Credit For Ohio's Economic Recovery

TOLEDO, Ohio - President Obama marked Labor Day in Ohio by claiming credit for the state's resurgent economy and panning his rivals' economic "playbook."

Obama told the UAW Labor Day Celebration that the state's above-average job creation record in the recovery is thanks in part to his policies, including the government-funded rescue of U.S. automakers GM and Chrysler in 2009.

The auto industry in Ohio has added more than 13,000 jobs since June 2009, according to the Labor Department. The state's unemployment rate is 7.2 percent, more than a full point below the national average.

"These are the folks who said if we went forward with our plan, then - I'm quoting here - 'you can kiss the American automotive industry goodbye,'" Obama said of Mitt Romney and Republicans, who opposed the bailout at the time.

Turning to his plan for a second term, Obama said he has the economic policies that will build momentum, claiming his GOP rival Mitt Romney would return to a failed "playbook" of the past.

"The problem is everybody's already seen his economic playbook," Obama said. "We know what's in it. On first down, he hikes taxes by nearly $2,000 on the average family with kids in order to pay for a massive tax cut for multi-millionaires. That's on first down. Sounds like unnecessary roughness to me."

"On second down, he calls an audible, undoes reforms that are there to prevent another financial crisis and bank bailout…. And then on third down, he calls for a Hail Mary, ending Medicare as we know it by giving seniors a voucher…. There's a flag on the play," Obama said drawing laughter and applause. "I've got one piece of advice for the Romney-Ryan game plan, Ohio: punt it away. It won't work. It won't win the game. You don't need that coach. That's a losing season."

Romney has been telling Ohio voters that they need to hire a "new coach" to jump start economic growth.

"Let me tell you, if you have a coach that is zero and 23 million, you say it's time to get a new coach," he said Saturday, referring to the millions of Americans who are out of work or underemployed. "It's time for America to see a winning season again, and we're going to bring it to them."