Oh That Joe! Biden Says 'Wayne State' While Speaking at 'Wright State'

DAYTON, Ohio - Vice President Joe Biden mixed up the school he was speaking at this afternoon, Wright State University, by accidentally calling it Wayne State.

"Ladies and gentlemen, middle class families need help. That's why for those of you struggling to send your kid to school, to college, or to keep your kid in a college, whether it's a community college or a Wayne State University or any, any," Biden said as the crowd started to chatter. Members of the audience quickly corrected the vice president, shouting "Wright State!"

"Wright State!" Biden said to laughter from the crowd.

Biden tried to quickly recover, saying even those sending their children to school at Wayne State understand the financial struggles of funding a college education.

"It also, it also includes Wayne State. It also includes the University of Delaware. It also includes the university and so on. Anybody who wants to, anybody struggling to keep your child here at Wright State University and Wayne State University, anybody doing that knows how hard it is," Biden continued.

Wayne State is located in Detroit.

Biden, who was reading his speech off a teleprompter, could have gotten some help on where he was speaking if he would've looked at a bright green "Wright State University" banner hanging in the back of the room where he spoke.