Oprah Gives Peek at Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan

Oprah tweeted photo of herself with Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan (Image credit: Twitter/@Oprahwinfrey)

If you look too quickly, you might be tricked into thinking it's a photo from the archives.

Oprah Winfrey tweeted a photo of herself and "Precious" director Lee Daniels posing with Jane Fonda, who uncannily resembles Nancy Reagan during her White House days. Fonda stars in Daniels upcoming film, "The Butler," based on real-life White House butler Eugene Allen, who served through eight American presidents. Oprah will star as the butler's wife.

In the photo, the stars are dressed in black-tie attire with '80s hair styles to match.

British actor and "Harry Potter" star Alan Rickman stands next to Fonda and plays Ronald Reagan in the film.

Daniels has gathered a cadre of celebrities to star in his latest film, all playing famous political figures. John Cusack will play Richard Nixon, Robin Williams has been cast as Dwight Eisenhower, and Liev Schreiber plays Lyndon B. Johnson.

On GMA Thursday morning, Oprah described the movie, saying, " It's a story about Eugene Paul and I play his wife, the character is Gloria, but her real name is Helene, and Forest Whitaker is my husband. It really is a look into the life and times of this butler who was in the White House for eight presidents and it's about looking at the historical happenings during that time, the Civil Rights movement, the Freedom Riders, the life of so many people who contributed to the possibility of me being able to sit in this chair today."