Rep. Israel Says Americans Have 'Buyer's Remorse'

New York Rep. Steve Israel said the American people have buyer's remorse over electing Republicans in the 2012 midterm elections.

"In 2010 Americans thought they were going to get a Republican Congress that would focus on creating new businesses, instead they got a Congress that focused on shutting down Planned Parenthoods," he said to Amy Walter and Rick Klein on ABC News/Yahoo News Convention Show .

"They wanted a Congress that would focus on incentives to create jobs here at home. They got a Congress that protected tax breaks for companies shipping jobs off shore. And they wanted a Congress that was going to focus on the middle-class. Instead they got one that's trying to shut down Medicare," said Israel, the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

"In the totality of it all, buyer's remorse has set in, this House is in play," he added, suggesting that Democrats could pick up seats in November.

Israel also commented on former Republican Florida governor Charlie Christ's convention speech, saying that his message was an important one because it illustrates the GOP's move to the far right.

"Moderate Republicans have become an endangered species. There are very few moderate Republicans left," he said.